Monthly Archives: September 2017

Mixing Business and Pleasure For Success

Many say you should not mix business and pleasure and whereas that might be true for co-worker relations, it might not be so relevant to the small time entrepreneur or business person. Why you ask? Well, it is simple.If you are going to succeed in business, then you need to love what you do and it has to become part of who you are and your life. So, in reality in this case if you are going to achieve success in both business and pleasure you have to know when to mix them in order to achieve and accomplish in both.

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In the 1980s many people intermixed their personal identities with jobs. They were what they did for a living and that was perfectly okay with them. Now days most folks want to completely separate business and pleasure, although that is getting more and more difficult considering how many people these days work out of their homes.And so, what if you mix a little business and pleasure? If you run a small business in your community why not volunteer a little bit in your town and use the networking experience for both fun and business contacts? It is not that difficult really.

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Why not join your local Chamber of Commerce and attend some events or join a couple of committees? It will be good for business and you will be doing positive things in your town, giving yourself a sense of purpose and having fun. This is what I am talking about when I advise small business owners to go ahead and mix business and pleasure, it’s okay, really it will be fine.